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Plot DetailsEdit

After the events, of Kick-Ass, the comic starts off in an isolated junkyard, where a superhero named Silver Beetle, named Thurman rice is brutally interogated and tortured to reveal the identities, and locations of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl. Silver is shot, failing to provide any information on either of them, having no prior knowledge or affilitation with them. The 4 of Genoverse men, walk away after murdering him, speculating of the whereabouts of Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass. Meanwhile, Mindy struggles to handle the life of an ordinary girl while surpressing her true identity as Hit-Girl, promising Marcus she would never dress up again. At school Mindy struggles with her new found identity being bullied by a girl named Debbie Foreman, and her group of friends. During this issue, Mindy reflects on her past lessons with her fauther. She is forced to sneak out at night to be Hit-Girl promising Marcus she would hang up her cape. Mindy suggests to Dave they hunt down Ralphie Genovese based on files she obtained from Marcus' computer. 

Mindy revisits her father's grave after school. In tears, she says to herself, why she can't handle the stress of being bullied by Debbie Foreman, despite all her training. Uncle Ralphie Genovese in the mean time, plots revenge for the murder of his brother ordering his men to be ruthless as possible in the search for the Kick-Ass, and Hit-Girl. 

Meanwhile, Kick-Ass is mugged by a homeless man, persuading him into giving him his money, while walking to a Big Daddy's, and Hit-Girl's safe house. Hit-Girl meets up Dave, showing him her hideout, showing her family album, and sharin gher past training experiences. Mindy asks and explains to Dave that them continuing to fight crime to honor her father's wishes. In return, she asks Dave to teach her how to be normal, to help her blend in with her secret identity at school. They make a pledge together, and Dave explains how cool it is. 

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